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Plug & Play LED Modules for Street Lighting

Kwality's UNIQUE Lens-less Solution for Street Lighting with onboard Driver IC.
Kwality brings to you the latest innovation for Solid State STREET LIGHTING- in the form of PolyWa OVAL LEDs.The PolyWa OVAL LEDs save over 15% losses of Light that occurs at the LED Lens interface in conventional Lambertian LEDs.

LEDMO consists of an array of 32LEDs or 24LEDs or 18LEDs or similar connected in 3-4 Strings. Each string of LEDs has a current controlling IC with negligible voltage drop (for preventing loss of power & loss of efficiency) in series and an on board regulator. Each string takes equal current from external power supply, thus all LEDs operate at same current irrespective of individual Vf differences.
Typical Size of LEDMO is - 165*110mm
OVAL LEDMO consists of OVAL LEDs in array form. OVAL LEDMO is highly suitable for Street Lights.
Hotspots are avoided at center and extreme ends are beamed with higher Lux levels.

On-Board Constant Current ICs: You will notice that NONE of street lights and High bay lights have
Constant current source for each LEDs. Present practice of using single power supply line with a current
limit is unable to get uniform loading of LEDs. Such power supply systems results in failing of few LEDs
prematurely by drawing more current into strings with lower Vf (lower operating forward voltage).

Customs Design LEDMO for every wattage & every application: Kwality Offers Streetlight LED
modules custom designed for each vendor with individual Constant Current IC in each Series of
LEDs. The turn around time for such a module design will be less than 10 days.

DRIVER: A 32W 32LED LEDMO requires a 25V 1400mA driver (Supplied by us on special request.), which is CV with current limit, and easy to procure anywhere.
The PolyWa OVAL LEDMO from Kwality Photonics modules are short cuts to successful
design of Street Lights.

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