KLSL505W-110 Lm LED from Kwality

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PolyWa KLSL505W -110 Lumens in Single Digit Price

Kwality Photonics Pvt. Ltd. which has been a market leader in manufacture of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and LED Displays is now offering HOT New item: KLSL505W -110Lumens at Half the cost of conventional package!

Kwality PolyWa 505W Series are embedded with single large chip from High reliability LED chip capable of being driven upto 350mA to obtain 110Lm. The PolyWa 505W are ideal for retrofit applications where replacement of existing incandescent & Fluorescent bulbs is desired thanks to factors like more energy efficient & uniform illumination and particularly aimed at substituting 60W Bulbs, 36W CFLs and 40 W tube lights.


Kwality PolyWa focuses on conferring unique COST ADVANTAGE to you that makes the difference between MEDIOCRITY & SUCCESS. Please revert to us with trial order and long term schedules.

We are quite confident that you would also REAP the BEST results by using our LED KLSL505W- 350mA.

Kwality Photonics is Pioneer in LED manufacture, since 25 years, ISO9001-2008, and enjoys Highest Brand Equity in India. Our association with LED manufacturing for over 30 years enabled us to serve as President of the Apex Electronics Association , ELCINA ( www.elcina.com) and win many recognitions & awards from prestigious institutions like Hyderabad Mgt Assn, FAPCCI, Dept of Industries, Hyd Exhibition Society, for our product excellence in Innovation and Quality.

Kwality Awarded with INDIA’s TOP LED BRAND by EFY readers in 2012, Kwality is most TRUSTED vendor for thousands of  electronic industries over last 25 years for High Power LEDs Medium & Low Power LEDs for Lighting & Signages, SMD Automotive LEDs, LED Segment Displays, Dot-matrix, LED Light Bars, Bargraphs, & Indicator LEDs with a range depth of 500 types of LEDs. All LEDs are RoHs Compliant & made at the ISO9001-2008 certified Plant. All systems run on SAP ERP and customer’s response time is less than one hour generally.

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