Kwality Electronic Industries (KEI) - Three Decade Market Leader and Expertise

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Kwality Electronic Industries (KEI) established in 1987, pioneered manufacturing of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Opto Electronic Components in India. Today KEI is the largest domestic source for LEDs.

KEI is the first company to receive CACT approval - and the only Indian company to do so, and is in direct competition with international brands like HP, Siemens and Liton. It is also the only company to receive the approval of CDOT.

KEI has an extensive set-up for in-house R&D. The products conform to international standards, and are tested by ETDC, ERTL (W), ERTL(E) etc. Some of KEI's firsts include - Tricolour LEDs, Ultra Bright LEDs, Blue and White LEDs

Contact Us

Kwality Power LEDs & Digits (Kwality Photonics) : +91(040)27123555, 27136252, 32502521, 64621946,  GVRao 9848458935, Rahul +91- 08143017046.

Bangalore TD Nagaraj 9731022444.

Through-Hole LEDs (Kwality Electronics) - Murthy : +91(40)-27133179.