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Kwality Photonics P Ltd, TRUSTED manufacturer since 25 years, offers ECONOMIC SOLUTIONS in LED 7-Segment, Alpha & Dot-matrix Displays for Digital Meters, Taxi Meters & Weighing Scales Displays.

Now you can successfully target lowering of the manufacturing costs of your Display Modules by switching to Kwality's ECONO-RED Digits Series in 0.56" & 0.36" and our other fast moving LED Displays.

Contact Kwality Photonics or our authorised distributors in your city for good deals tailored for you.

Viz: Madhu Subtronics Mumbai, Unistar Pune, Maritime Bangalore, ITP Delhi etc or email us.

New LED displays from Kwality Photonics ECONO-RED Series, are now available, and guaranteed to reduce your Display cost by nearly 50%!

Hurry, Do Email to us mentioning the item, quantity per annum / quarter to get best deal on ECONO-RED LED 7-segment displays from India's most Trusted & Reliable Brand KWALITY.

Contact Us

Kwality Power LEDs & Digits (Kwality Photonics) : +91(040)27123555, 27136252, 32502521, 64621946,  GVRao 9848458935, Rahul +91- 08143017046.

Bangalore TD Nagaraj 9731022444.

Through-Hole LEDs (Kwality Electronics) - Murthy : +91(40)-27133179.