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'Lithium LED' is the only 8hrs lasting Lithium cells based LED light with famous PolyWa 120lumens Power LEDs inside.

Kwality Photonics offers Solar compatible 'Lithium LED' which is a multipurpose rechargeable lamp featuring the powerful PolyWa Power LEDs of 120 Lumens.

'Lithium LED' Lamp designed to exceed your expectations electrically and thermally is supplied with electronic constant current charger.

Optionally 'Lithium LED' can be easily charged during the day with a Solar panel of 2 watts.

The Lithium–LED is suitable for a large rural/urban home. It's RUGGED, all STEEL, no flimsy plastics any where, feels solid in the hand, and self standing with full stability. The TILTING HEAD and wall mounting key-holes  increases your convenience to mount it horizantally or vertically on any wall and yet illuminate area of your choice.

This Compact Lithium-LED lamp show cases the capability of the PolyWa Power LEDs from Kwality Photonics.

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