"uniLED"- AutoBulb Launch By Dr. Farooq Abdullah

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KWALITY PHOTONICS  uniLED - AutoBulb was Launched at LED SUMMIT/2013 by DR. FAROOQ ABDULLAH, Minister MNRE

uniLED is India's FIRST interchangeable LED Automobile Bulb that fits into any vehicle

It's priced at SAME COST as of a Branded Filament Bulb

Visit us at AES Auto Engineering Show 2014 ( by Messe Frankfurt)
MAY29-31, 2014. At AutoCluster Auditorium , Chinchwad Pune.

First time on Display : India's First LED Auto Bulb - the uniLED

R&D teams of  Automotive OEMS & Design Houses welcome to Seek CUSTOMISE our uniLED LED autoBulb. TO SUIT their LEGACY TAIL LAMP & REAR COMBINATION LAMP HOUSING.

Change over to  'LED' now, at ZERO ENGINEERING COSTS  & On Demand!

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