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Blue LED Displays from Kwality

Kwality Photonics Pvt. Ltd. has extended its Blue LED display product portfolio to include Single digit, Multi digit, Dotmatrix, Lightbars etc. Strict die selection and sorting prior to manufacture ensures that the new range is not only stylish and striking in appearance, but is also very consistent, meaning that multiple-digit displays can now be manufactured to the same level of performance that customers would expect from comparable green or red devices.

The expanded range now includes: single-digit Seven Segment Displays (SSDs) from 7.6 to 200mm character height; dual, triple and quad SSDs in 7.6, 10 and 14mm variants.Blue dot matrix displays are available in a very wide range of alternatives with the traditional 30 and 50mm 5x7 modules proving particularly popular. There is a choice of intensity and wavelength in the range, with new variants being constantly introduced

Thanks to the state of the art, 470nm, InGaN (indium gallium nitride) Blue LED technology, designers now have an affordable and reliable alternative to expensive vacuum-florescent displays.

High-reliability alternatives to Blue vacuum-fluorescent displays, the KLSXXXB Series LED digital meter displays are offered as the first such units to employ silicon-carbide Superbright Blue LEDs, which deliver economical price/power requirements and are readable from as far away as 20 ft. The unique, eye-catching qualities of the colour blue are suitable for medical, marine, and industrial applications.

Blue LED applications include automotive Dashboard Lighting, Full Color LED Displays, Indicator Lighting and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) back lighting etc.

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