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One Watt (1.2W), Three Watt (2.5W) White LED (110-140 Lumens).



Kwality PhotonicsTHE MAKERS of LEDs for the NATION, now extends KWALITY POLYWA - One Watt (1.2W), Three Watt (2.5W) White LED which achieves a benchmark in brightness by providing an output of 110-140 Lumens from a single emitter package. KWALITY has been offering Globally Benchmarked Hight Output and best Thermal and Reliability wise proven Power LEDs of 350mA(KLHP331WE) to700mA(KLHP3433WE) ratings.
These Polywa Power LEDs delivers almost thirty times the flux delivered by an ordinary LED. This combined with sharply falling prices encourages immediate shifting over to Solid state Energy efficient light fixtures and luminaries lasting for 5 to 15 years. The Lighting industry can benefit from small siz, Bright light, Low Power Consumption, Long Life of upto 50000 Hours. The PolyWa LEDs make possible Cosmetically Appealing,
Improved Beam Quality & Cooler- to-Touch operation in light fixtures.



Kwality has a very competitive cost structure and assures lowest price guarantee and best performance for large projects. Contact us for best deals and technical support.


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